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Top Features Needed in a Hotel Booking Engine

Posted on Dec 27, 2017 2:43:46 PM

Cut costs and grow profits with the right hotel booking engine. 

With online travel sales worldwide projected to reach $817.5 billion by 2020, hoteliers looking to score big in the e-commerce game need to partner with a booking engine provider that offers a feature-rich hotel booking engine that’s designed to attract and engage customers, and compel them to purchase.

Today’s travelers expect a frictionless online shopping experience. And 20% of would-be bookers will leave a hotel website if the booking experience takes too long or has technical issues. To ensure that your hotel cuts customer acquisition costs, and maximizes the rate at which consumers book directly, you need a flexible, easy-to-navigate booking process that incorporates these key features.


Deep-linking capabilities

Simplify the booking experience for online shoppers with deep links that lead directly to your hotel booking engine. Users jump straight from search sites and social media channels directly into your hotel’s booking journey.

Shop and compare

A recent study showed that 75% of travelers still think they’re getting the best hotel room prices from online travel agencies (OTAs). A great booking engine provider gives your guests the ability to not only compare room types in a convenient side-by-side view, but compare your pricing with OTAs as well, giving them confidence they’re getting the best deal.

Compelling call to action

Messaging like strike-through discount pricing, and “only X rooms left at this price,” as well as “receive extra amenity or discount if you book now” compel users to act and increases direct bookings.

Member only rate

A hotel booking engine that incorporates “member only rates available” messaging improves booking conversions. And because visitors must enter their email address to get that great rate, you gain future conversions through targeted email marketing campaigns, which prompt at least three times as many purchases as social media.

Abandonment messaging

With 99% of travel site visitors abandoning websites before completing their bookings, how can you prevent a consumer from leaving your booking process before checkout? An effective hotel booking engine will offer a customizable pop-up message, encouraging customers to continue their booking journey. And if they do leave, a captured email address allows you to send an email prompting them to continue their buying journey from a convenient hyperlink.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat

Game-changing AI is poised to boost business profitability an average of 38% by 2035. Incorporating AI-powered chat into your hotel booking engine gives you the flexibility to answer questions 24/7 in an intelligent and conversational way, building loyalty, increasing conversions, and creating a better overall customer experience.

Want to learn how the right hotel booking engine can help you cut acquisition costs, boost profits, and yield a great return on investment (ROI)?

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