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Why Business Travelers Mean Profits for Your Hotel [Part 2 of 2]

Posted on May 2, 2018 8:21:17 AM

Thanks to Online Travel Agencies and Global Distribution Systems, chain hotels have lost their dominant hold on business travelers. And Airbnbs just can’t cut it in the consistency department when it comes to providing business travel services. 

Today, there are more opportunities than ever to increase business travel at your hotel. In our previous post, we explored why more business travel at your hotel means increased profits. Here we explore how you can attract business travelers by providing and promoting the business travel services they covet most.

Pegasus Business Travelers Mean Profits2 

Offer free, fast Wi-Fi

Business travelers need to access email, join video meetings and open large file attachments via their mobile devices and laptops. This almost goes without saying, but when you consider that nearly half of business travelers consider free Wi-Fi a deciding factor when choosing a hotel, you need to offer reliable, fast, free Wi-Fi.

Market a great loyalty program

Today’s business travelers are a loyal bunch. Once they find a hotel they like, they stick with it. Hoteliers with a great loyalty program in place, one that includes special perks and free upgrades, are more likely to earn business travelers’ repeat business.

Make life easy for them

The last thing exhausted road warriors want to do upon arrival, is wait in line to check-in. Offer mobile check-in and checkout with flexible time windows to accommodate flight times. Always have hot coffee or in-room coffeemakers available, as well as continental breakfasts or healthy grab-and-go options.

Create a home away from home

Being away from the familiar comforts of home is stressful for business travelers. Make sure your marketing strategy highlights your comfortable bedding for a good night’s sleep, high-end toiletries, ironing boards and irons or convenient laundry service.

Create an office away from the office

Ensure your business travelers are prepared for their work each day by including desks – maybe even standing desks – and ergonomic chairs in rooms. And offer easy access to office equipment such as computers, fax machines, printers and scanners.

Provide wellness options

The battle of the bulge is a common one fought among today’s road warriors. If you don’t have an on-site fitness room, offer a discount or complimentary access to a local gym. Or include a wellness kit in rooms, with items like yoga mats, resistance bands and stability balls.

When you take the time to truly understand the wants and needs of business travelers, you gain more happy customers and more profits for your hotel.

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