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[SLIDESHARE] What Makes for a Great Booking Engine?

Posted on Jun 5, 2018 4:07:40 PM

We know great booking engines boost sales and decrease commission costs. But which features make for a great booking engine? And how does artificial intelligence factor in?

A recent survey found that great booking engines can increase direct bookings by 4-8% above the industry average. And according to Marketing Sherpa's Benchmark Survey, the hotel industry average for booking conversions hovers around 4%.

With these impressive metrics, and the profitability a hotelier can reap with the right booking tool, what then are the features that make a booking engine great? We tell the full story on a SlideShare deck here. But here's a sampling of a few features:

OTA Price Comparison

This feature drastically reduces the chances your online visitor will abandon their booking journey on your site to compare pricing on OTA channels. By serving up real-time OTA prices in the booking flow, hoteliers can provide consumers assurances they're getting a good deal - and avoid giving them a reason to go online elsewhere to confirm!

Side-by-Side Room Comparison

This feature delivers a better user experience because it allows the consumer to easily and seamlessly compare different room types and rates. Further, promotions can be added and customized to sweeten the deal. These factors reduce the likelihood your online visitor, and potential guest, will abandon your site.


And artificial intelligence - what is it?

Data gathered through software programs that is automatically analyzed to predict behaviors is one strict definition of the term. In hospitality's case, a booking engine with artificial intelligence will predict would-be guest behavior.

It enables hoteliers to create timely, relevant campaigns with custom content. It also allows hoteliers to manage social and reputation channels, and control review scores.

Interested in learning more? Experience the full story on our SlideShare deck here.


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