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How to Evaluate the Right Hotel Technology Provider

Posted on Mar 6, 2018 11:33:07 AM

With so many technology vendors, which one is best for me?

Whether it is a CRS, PMS, or services that you require, there are a plethora of companies that tout the ability to deliver these products and services seamlessly. Do investigatory work, and reach out to your peers and experts to gather feedback. You may have to live with the solution you purchase for at least five to seven years - so do your homework and don’t make a selection based on pressure from the vendors.

Pegasus_Checklist, Hotel Technology Evaluation Criteria2.png 

Is the vendor flexible?

The hotel industry is in a state of flux and often hotel business requirements change. You must feel comfortable that the technology provider will be at your side for many years and can be flexible in the development of their product. Ask them about their development road map. Are they looking at market requirements and future requirements that may arise? Also, are they willing to listen to requirements that may go above and beyond the current feature functionality of the platform? Ensure your prospective technology partner is responsive and can be flexible.

Is the vendor support and service focused?

At some point, the system is going to break. Yes, you want to have assurances that the system will have great uptime statistics, but sooner or later it might fail. It may be a power issue out of your control, or it could be a “glitch.” When you do have system issues, you want to feel secure that the tech provider can fix the problem quickly and fully understands the impact to your operation. You do not want to be stuck in an email queue or on hold listening to Barry Manilow. Find a vendor who provides 24/7 support and will answer your calls immediately. 

Does your vendor understand your business?

The hotel industry is diverse. We have properties that offer everything to a guest; we have hotels that offer limited services, and now we have properties where you bring your own sleeping bag. These operations are unique, and it is imperative that your technology provider fully understand your business and operational requirements. If they do not, this will be a huge red flag. Make sure that they have the hospitality background to understand your hotel and market segment.  

Is the vendor financially secure?

Your partner should be stable and around for the long haul. The advancement of technology has made it easier for new entrants to gather momentum in our industry. However, a large number of these new entrants are not well funded. Ask tough questions about the prospective partner’s longevity in the industry, stability and five-year growth trajectory. You need to feel confident that your partner will stick by you.

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