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Tips to Boost Hotel Digital Marketing Efforts

Posted on May 15, 2018 1:30:39 PM

Online marketing has grown increasingly complex, and within the hospitality industry there is no exception. 

Providing an effective booking experience is often no walk in the park either. Since 89% of travelers use search engines during the booking process, translating revenue goals into an actionable, comprehensive, digital marketing plan to convert web traffic into guests is critical - and much more effective than executing ad-hoc tactics here and there.

“Digital marketing” is the principal term for all of your online hotel marketing efforts. Each of its tactics share the same mission: to drive traffic to your website, ultimately to increase the rate at which your web visitors convert into paying hotel guests. This bump in conversions is fueled by two things: a dynamic booking engine and a holistic strategy that brings qualified traffic to your website. The key to investing in the right hotel marketing strategy starts with the right partner – one that implements ROI-driven tactics in a way that maximizes your marketing dollars.

Here are few ways to ensure your hotel’s digital marketing efforts convert traffic into guests:

Get personal with guests. Even in an increasingly distant, disconnected online sales environment, 90% of consumers say that personalization has some impact on their purchasing decisions. Guests are looking for two things on your hotel website: a room that uniquely fits their needs and a clearly communicated price comparison to other hotels. If your guest books a repeat visit, it should auto-fill information from the previous stay. When empowered with the ability to compare your rate to OTAs right on your website, guests feel more confident and compelled to book with your hotel in that moment.

2women booking trip onlaptop

Focus on functionality. Flooded with options, consumers are increasingly intolerant of ineffective technology. Google agrees; it recently began down-ranking hotels for not only a poorly mobile-optimized website but also a poorly mobile-optimized booking engine, resulting in a lower overall organic search ranking. A high-functioning mobile experience means quick response times for the increasingly impatient user and clear, compatible content for each device.

Provide an unchanged, universal user experience. The modern online shopping landscape is continuous, regardless of channel or device. Customers gravitate toward and, frankly, expect familiar and intuitive user experiences, whether on mobile devices or a desktop.

Delivering on effective digital marketing tactics can mean increasing the rate at which your web visitors convert into paying guests. If you are exploring ways to execute digital marketing tactics for your hotel, let our experts help.

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