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Hotel Management Software + Channel Management = Happily Ever After

Posted on Feb 15, 2018 7:59:11 AM

There are loads of ways to book a hotel room, and most of them are online.

With so many online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDSs), metasearch engines and aggregators to keep track of, savvy hoteliers are relying on hotel management software that includes a reliable distribution channel manager all on one platform. Done correctly, channel management lets you target a global audience, drive bookings and generate greater revenue for your hotel.

Let’s take a closer look at key benefits that come from using hotel management software with an integrated channel manager.

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Saves you time!

No more manual updates and wasting time copying guests’ booking information. A good channel manager seamlessly integrates with your hotel software, saving all reservation details and automatically updating rates and inventories across all channels in real time. Plus, those real-time updates significantly reduce the risk of accidentally overbooking your rooms.

Makes you more efficient

The right channel manager automates recurring tasks and reduces the time your staff spends on administrative duties, allowing them to better use their time personally interacting with guests and creating tailored, memorable customer experiences.

Creates helpful reports…fast!

A channel management system allows you to easily track and measure which online distribution channels are delivering the most revenue for your hotel. You and your staff will have instant access to helpful reports that analyze booking data. Armed with this knowledge, you can quickly adjust your actions to maximize revenue, more effectively negotiate commissions, and eliminate partnerships that aren’t benefiting you.

Boosts your revenue with the “Billboard Effect”

A good channel manager connects you to OTAs, GDSs and individual retail travel agents, letting you tap into markets you wouldn’t otherwise reach. This “Billboard Effect,” increases occupancy through bookings you would never have made without this added visibility.

Another important benefit of the Billboard Effect is that you actually gain more direct bookings. Because although a customer may find your hotel through an OTA, they may not book a room through that OTA.

With 85% of Millennials checking multiple sites before booking, they’ll often pop directly over to your website in the hope of finding a better deal, package or promotion.

Would you like to reap the benefits of hotel management software that includes a robust channel manager?

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