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3 Ways the Right Hotel Management Software Increases Sales

Posted on Feb 1, 2018 12:18:09 PM

The best hotel management software helps hoteliers deliver the experience their guests want, while efficiently managing their business and boosting revenue.

Here we highlight three ways that hotel software helps increase sales.

Improves customer satisfaction

Loyal and engaged guests who enjoy a positive experience at your hotel drive repeat business and revenue growth. And according to a Harvard Review study, customers who have the “best experience” spend 140% more than those who have poor experiences. The right hotel management software provides an efficient, mobile-first experience and offers customers self-service applications, like self check-in.

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In fact, the 2015 Software Advice Industry Review showed that a combined 60% of respondents are “more likely” to choose a hotel that allows guests to check in and open doors with a smartphone than a hotel that doesn’t. Plus, the right technology helps you profile your guests at every hotel touchpoint, allowing your staff to exceed expectations, increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately, that all-important bottom line.

Boosts ancillary revenue

According to Phocuswright, in 2011 U.S. hotels sold approximately US$1.85 billion in ancillary products and services, only 1.7% of the country’s total hotel revenues. When you consider that the airline industry nabbed 12% in ancillary revenues that same year, hotels clearly have some room for growth here.

From chocolates and Champagne in the room, to limousine services and spa treatments, the right hotel software brings ancillary services to the forefront, using each customer’s purchase history to present relevant upsells and customized offers at optimal points within the booking cycle.

Delivers data-driven decisions

Not too long ago, revenue managers poured over Excel spreadsheets and plotted pivot tables to figure out how to streamline operations and increase sales. But with today’s rapidly increasing volume, velocity, and variety of data, you can only do so much. After all, you’re only human and inevitably something gets missed.

Modern hotel management software transforms KPIs, drill downs, and mountains of information into easy-to-scan visualizations that deliver business-critical insights in seconds. Hoteliers can quickly identify trends, and bring decision making to a whole new level.

The right hotel software has a powerful impact on hotel revenue management, efficiently delivering the key data necessary to drive proactive decisions that positively impact your hotel’s bottom line.

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