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How a Hotel Booking Engine Boosted Profits [Part 1 of 2]

Posted on Mar 1, 2018 10:47:00 AM


In this two-part blog series we examine how a booking engine with the right hotel digital marketing helped the Montcalm Hotel Group increase profitability by more than 10%. 

A subpar hotel booking engine can be a serious obstacle in generating a healthy number of direct bookings. And research shows that booking engine transaction volume has only increased recently, with the trend continuing upwards.

Having the right booking engine means maximizing the rate at which online visitors purchase their reservations directly with you - and as we know more direct bookings mean higher profitability.

But what should you do if your booking engine is no longer working? This is the focus of the case study, One hotel group was no longer generating a healthy number of direct bookings, and the poor performance drove up the cost of commissions paid to OTAs and other sites,

Pegasus Booking Engine.jpg

Pegasus partnered to help, and implemented a new booking engine solution complete with robust front-end features consumers have come to expect - along with the back-end features hoteliers need to compete. Pegasus also executed marketing tactics to help increase traffic to the site - more on that later in part two!

Here is a sample of the tactics that lifted online booking conversions:

The booking engine was designed mobile-first: A modern, mobile-first booking engine reduced the number of clicks that users had to make during the booking process. After this optimization, approximately 45% of subsequent bookings came from mobile devices.

Analytics were integrated into the booking engine: Business intelligence within the booking engine provided complete visibility into the behavior of users within the reservation process. It allowed for the group to identify any gaps and create offers relevant to their potential customers.

User experiece was prioritized: A seamless web experience allowed the online visitors to discover the property, rooms, and amenities easily and without hassle. No long load times, no hard-to-navigate sites, the user experience was optimized so that online visitors didn’t encounter friction in the buying process.

Is your booking engine driving enough direct bookings for you? Could your look-to-book direct ratio improve? In part two we'll tackle how hotel digital marketing helped visitors get to the booking engine in the first place.



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