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The Advantages of Global Distribution Systems

Posted on Oct 25, 2017 1:56:42 PM
Connecting to a global distribution system (GDS) allows hoteliers to distribute their inventory across channels and boost occupancy. 

Hundreds of thousands of consumers and travel agents use a global distribution system (GDS) to book travel every day. And average daily rates and bookings through a GDS are climbing. A 2017 survey found that half of travel agents are using a GDS more than they were two years ago. Since exposure to global travel agents is often an uphill climb for small to mid-size hotels, listing with a GDS and maximizing its marketing opportunities can be a game changer.


Global distribution systems deliver aggregate rate and availability data to travel agents, OTAs, or directly with the consumer on open portals, like Expedia and Kayak. Similar to the OTA relationship, hotels pay GDS portal providers a commission to gain access and, ultimately, increase their visibility to consumers and travel agents. For small to mid-size hotels that need to drive consistent corporate and leisure business, the benefits outweigh the costs.

Here are 3 advantages of a global distribution system:

It’s a unique (and direct) marketing tool. A global distribution system can be used to market your latest sales message, special offers, and discounts directly to travel agents. In 2017, 69% of travel agents reported being aware of promotion text from a GDS.

It has perfect timing. The GDS displays your brand messaging and advertising during the search and booking process, which means travel agents are paying attention at exactly the right time. Messages can also be targeted at precise dates and times, by specific destinations.

It improves search positioning. Gaining access to a GDS means that travel agents and consumers are more easily able to find your hotel during search. 

It’s difficult to sell hotel reservations if your inventory is hard to find. Partnering with Pegasus to guide you through the GDS can help improve your marketability with both consumers and travel agents. 

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