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How Hotel Digital Marketing Works

Posted on Oct 16, 2017 1:34:36 PM

Driving traffic to your hotel's website, and converting visits to reservations, is the name of the direct booking game.

Online marketing has grown increasingly complex, and within the hospitality industry there is no exception. Providing a frictionless booking experience is no walk in the park either. Since 89% of travelers use search engines during the booking process, translating your revenue goals into an actionable, comprehensive, digital marketing plan is critical. It’s also much more effective than executing ad-hoc tactics here and there.


So let's start with the basics - what is digital marketing?

“Digital marketing” is the term for all of your hotel marketing efforts online. Its purposeful tactics aim to drive traffic to your website, ultimately increasing the rate at which your web visitors convert into paid reservations. This bump in conversions can be fueled by two factors: a dynamic, frictionless, booking engine and a marketing plan or strategy that brings the right traffic to your website. The key to having the best hotel marketing strategy starts with a partner who implements ROI-driven tactics in a way that maximizes your marketing dollars.

How does hotel digital marketing work?

It’s noisy out there. Creating your hotel marketing strategy – especially within the constraints of a marketing budget – can be daunting. You may be confused about the functions and benefits of hotel marketing tactics, what campaigns to invest in, and how returns are actually measured.

The Montcalm Luxury Hotel Group is a hotel group that made an investment in a comprehensive digital marketing plan that resulted in a strong ROI. The hotel used a holistic hotel marketing strategy with a number of tactics that drove traffic to the website, ultimately converting a percentage of that traffic into reservations. The strategy focused on both “paid” and “earned” tactics, which meant that some were paid for - such as advertising - and others were executed without incurring a hard cost. The results were significant; The Montcalm received an ROI of over 6x and decreased its cost of customer acquisition by nearly half.

How can the right hotel marketing strategy benefit you? Aligning your business with a collaborative, knowledgeable partner can ensure your marketing dollars are spent using a ROI-first approach that provides comprehensive metrics from beginning to end. 

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