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Corendon Hotels & Resorts

Posted on Feb 21, 2019 2:10:30 PM


Corendon Hotels & Resorts is a subsidiary of the Corendon Group which owns hotels, a tour operator and an airline.  We are proud to call them our partner; a relationship that has remained strong over the years and continues to grow.

Doing business with Corendon Hotels is mutually rewarding on many levels.  Importantly, we help them improve visibility in the corporate marketplace, increase bookings and expand their distribution channels while they explore our complete suite of products for integration into their tech stack.

As we like to stay on top of our best customers’ news, we came across a story we call “The Epitome of a Package Deal”, about how Corendon Hotels parked a 747 in the backyard of their Village Hotel at Schiphol Airport. Not only is this project a conversation starter but speaks volumes about their willingness to entertain new ideas; a trait recognized in our partnership.

Interestingly, the cost alone of the Boeing 747* is astounding.  The “Dreamliner” when first introduced sold for $24 million.  Today, its price tag, adjusted for inflation rolls in at a whopping $149 million!

Way to kick it up a notch!

 * Yahoo Finance



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