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The Advantages of Booking Engines with Artificial Intelligence

Posted on May 18, 2018 8:42:37 AM

Great booking engines boost the volume of direct bookings and maximize the profitability of your reservations.

In fact, great booking engines with artificial intelligence increase direct bookings by 4-8% above the industry average, this according to surveyed Pegasus customers. The hotel industry direct booking average hovers at 4%, according to Marketing Sherpa’s Website Optimization Benchmark Survey.

So, with artificial intelligence seemingly the hot topic these days, what exactly does a great booking engine with artificial intelligence do? What are the features that make for a great booking engine anyway? 

Well, a solid booking engine should allow side-by-side room comparisons, and OTA price comparisons. It may seem an obvious advantage, but this kind of functionality provides effective online booking experiences that decrease the odds the consumer abandons your booking process. Why? Because consumers will feel confident they're getting the right inventory at the right price.

And as for artificial intelligence capabilities? A great booking engine with AI may provide online chat support that knows every detail of your offering in real-time, and can quickly and effectively support inquiries and information for would-be guests shopping online  - creating a personalized experience for them, and better direct booking ratios for you!

Curious to learn more? See more features that make a booking engine great on our SlideShare deck here. 


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