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How to Choose the Right Booking Engine

Posted on Oct 30, 2017 9:44:05 AM

Flexible, dynamic booking engines drive conversions and lift profitability

Consumers are increasingly intolerant of clunky, linear technology in every aspect of the shopping experience. In 2016, more than half of travelers who booked trips via digital means did so using a mobile device. Your booking experience must meet the (mobile-first, dynamic, and flexible) expectations of the consumer, or they’ll go elsewhere.

An investment in a superior booking experience (that actually looks and feels exactly like your website) can have a direct impact on your bottom line. The benefits for hotels are clear; a better booking experience can increase direct bookings, reduce the average cost of acquisition and improve occupancy.


The right booking engine should be flexible enough to offer simplicity or, depending on property size, handle advanced functionality that can scale with your business.

Here are the top features to keep in mind, when investing in a booking engine:

Visibility into Guest Shopping Behavior

Understanding your customers requires insightful, best-in-class analytics. Your hotel will be better equipped to improve the user experience and online sales with a booking engine that helps you understand buyer behavior. Look for comprehensive analytics features that provide you with end-to-end visibility and help you identify abandonment events and optimize conversion rates.

A Modern Shopping Experience to Boost Direct Bookings

The modern shopping experience is dynamic, and one that consumers have come to expect. Nothing is more frustrating than a linear, awkward booking experience that doesn’t allow you to change course. Your booking engine should allow opportunities to easily add or remove selections, rebook from reservation history, allow multi-room, multi-hotel booking, and deliver a rapid checkout experience.

Big Data to Start Dialogues and Create Sales Opportunities

The ability to personalize your offerings with consumer data can drive increased sales opportunities. Data not only assists with persoanlized offers, but helps you re-market to guests after they check out.

Power Selling to Maximize Conversions

The most powerful booking engines feature active room listings to compel action. Power selling also offers urgency messaging, including strike-through pricing and periodic prompts, which are designed to enhance conversion.

Is your booking engine converting enough reservations? Could your hotel be more profitable?

Let us help.

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